Game Of Thrones S05E01 *warning contains spoilers*

Wow. What a day yesterday was. I was lucky enough to watch MUFC batter MCFC and I had a GOT to watch upon my return. Now I must say. I did feel somewhat guilty watching the first episode before its release as I know how upsetting and stressful it can be for a network if it’s shows are leaked early. However when it comes to GOT, much like most of the characters I have no self control, thus I am not going to pretend that I was able to wait one more night to view it.

This first episode back into its fifth season was all I ever wanted and more. Each character reintroduction was perfectly done and if this was work that I had produced I would be 100% happy with it. Each scene was like a mini episode revolving around the said character. It was much like the format the books are written in.

The episode opened with a young Cersei Lanister receiving her fortune from a witch. It was instantly noticeable that it was Cersei as a child  and I thought she was portrayed brilliantly which was really pleasing considering I tend to hate 90% of child acting. I hope (and I know) that throughout the season we will be seeing more fortunes and prophecies told to Cersei. We will definitely start to learn a lot more about her younger life and how she became so bitter when she was sold to Robert Baratheon which she still resents and can’t seem to let go of.  The scene between Jaime, Cersei and the dead Tywin Lannister was obscenely tense. The use of space around the corpse was pretty incredible and the blocking of the three characters added to the greatness of their scene. It was one of the first times we see no love between Cersei and Jaime and the result is striking.

The short scene that followed between Tyrion and Varys was the perfect comedic breakup that the show needed after the first 9 minutes of Lannister intensity. With Tyrion adjusting to his sins and the man he has become he believes that he is well suited many leagues away from Westeros. Varys then persuades Tyrion to join him on a voyage to Meereen to find Daenerys Targaryen. Holy shit. I can’t wait for these two worlds to collide. What makes this combo even more incredible is that not only we’re going to have a hilariously entertaining journey TO Meereen, when they DO eventually meet up (if they do?) Peter Dinklage (Tyrion) and Emilia Clarke (Dany) will be working together for the first time. This is really going to add to the authenticity of the meeting. Despite the audience perhaps thinking that these actors will be well acquainted due to all being part of a huge franchise, that really isn’t the case. Dany has never really shot with any of the Westeros actors before so thats only going to add to the intensity!

Whats that? A raunchy gay sex scene in the first half an hour? Oh Game of Thrones you know how to get people talking. Ser Loras seems to be developing as a character more and more with each bit of air time he’s presented with. We saw tonight he still doesn’t fear his sister despite her ever nearing claim to the throne and he also provided us with quite a reasonable amount of comedy. A great character to have. I am reading the books at present and after doing a little bit of research I found that a lot of fans of the books were disappointed with how much sex is shown on the TV show because really there isn’t a great deal of it in the books. There’s still quite an awful lot of it but it isn’t as prudely portrayed in the books. My opinion on this stands here; sex sells, and sex sells even better on a HBO show. Its what they do brilliantly. Gay sex, Straight sex, Dwarf sex – be ready for it all.

I really enjoyed the glimpse we got of Brienne and Pod. It was a really quaint scene compared to the others but it really showed us what we had to expect of the two of them and their continuing storyline. I can’t wait to see their relationship develop (if it does) and watch how Brienne comes to terms with her Hound victory and the loss of Arya Stark whilst being no closer to Sansa.

DRAGONS? ON THE FIRST EPISODE? The fear poor Daenerys must feel. I half wanted her to just slay them there and then to prevent the chaos to come. Obviously though one of her dragons (it just so happens to be Drogon, the biggest and baddest) is missing. A dragon flying free over the 7 kingdoms? I wonder how long it’s going to be until we are reacquainted with him! I can’t wait for more fiery goodness from both Dany, and her dragons.

Well I may as well get started on what’s on all of our minds. That arrow. That man. With the episode title being “The Burning Man” it was only apt that Melisandre was going to be again behind the burning sacrifice  of a man to her God -the “one TRUE God” – The Lord of the Light. Did anyone expect it to be Mance Ryder though? Yes? No? I really wanted him to bend the knee. Seriously bend the fucking knee Mance. Imagine a wilding army led by M.Ryder behind Stannis and his swords? It’d be amazing. Seeing them march straight on Kings Landing with the strength of the Wildings. Who knows, this may still happen (without of course the lead of Mance Ryder.) In this episode Jon’s confidence is still climbing and climbing and it’s so good to see him take authority. There was hints of it throughout but nothing prepared me for that arrow. It wasn’t just the dramatics OF the arrow itself but what it means and what it means to come. This has multiplied my anxiety over Jon Snows life times a million. Melisandre needs to be nipped in the bud and fast because I literally can’t deal with her being around Jon Snow like seriously GTFO!

I know this post has been pretty long but I just have so much to say on Game of Thrones as does every fan! On a last note though I just want to discuss the incredible boost in cinematography! I am a known cynic of the overuse of CGI. Take Lord of the Rings for example, my favourite film. It was so emotionally disturbing for me as a child because of how damn scary those ring wraiths, uruk-hai, and orcs were. They were scary BECAUSE THEY WERE REAL. Real men and women wearing makeup and prosthetics. Then comes along The Hobbit with it’s CGI maxed out and they produce the pale orc who literally evokes no fear or emotion in me. Because it looks like a cartoon. This is an example that Ive used before and I will use many times more when trying to get across my disdain for too much CGI. With this in mind, as I was watching Jon Snow converse with Stannis and The Red Witch on top of the wall I felt as though I couldn’t keep my eyes off the swirling atmosphere around them in which you could really tell just how much of it was being computerised BUT I did like it. I also absolutely LOVED the incredible piece of art that was the scene in the falling of the Meereen statue. These examples just show how much goes into making a show like this and tonights episode gave such an indication of the ever expanding greatness we still have to come.

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