Kit Harrington

Kit Harrington has recently stated that he’s sick of being called a ‘hunk’ and claims that sexual objectifying is an issue that’s as relevant for male stars as it is female. Kit wants to be only complimented on his acting work as an art form and not as a chance to gaze longingly into those chestnut eyes. But seriously, can a superstar such as KH expect to not be branded as one of the most chiselled Gods since Zeus himself? Ok that was my branding but what I’m trying to say is – if he had a serious problem with these sexually harassing comments then put your clothes back on! Get out of your Jimmy Choo contract! Kit is currently the first male face for Jimmy Choo shoes and accessories that have many over sexualised campaigns. So yes we can all appreciate your acting and it really is acting worth celebrating but if you don’t want the hunk title don’t agree to face luxurious brands which are obviously going to objectify your looks! Perhaps Kit should have kept his youthful look as seen in this photo in order to keep the comments at bay! It is sad that we live in this world of imagery however commercial acting IS based on fantasy and sexual idolatry he, like many before him, would not have got work based only on acting skills alone. Plus there’s worse things to be called right?



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