It’s woman crush wednesday and today I wanna focus on two fab ladies in particular. Both Rihanna & Kylie Jenner have worn outfits this week that I absolutely love. These two ensembles are gonna be big inspirations for my own looks this summer!

Rihanna performed her new (INCRED) single at the I Heart Radio Music Awards and wore a simple Adam Selman LBD with Versace over the knee boots, a Versace fur coat and of course, a Versace choker. Whilst this look may not be for everyone I think she looks so good rocking one statement colour throughout her outfit. That teamed with the classically simplistic mini dress and the look is just right for her night! She even wore the outfit out for dinner afterwards. After all the look is pretty casual once the coat is gone! I’m so excited for more new Rihanna music, BBHMM has took us right back to original old school Rihanna after her last collaboration with Paul McCartney and Kanye West in which she explored different areas and tones of her voice.

tumblr_nm3a6nojwy1ro1dyeo1_500 tumblr_nm39sfzg4M1qlovlvo1_500

Kylie Jenner was seen out in Hollywood this week rocking and killing a double denim combo! With the 70s being a big trend this season more denim ensembles have been tried and tested throughout the fashion world. Theres so many looks from celebs and fashion bloggers I adore but I think Kylie looks especially fab in this outfit. Probably because she looks extra rich as well. Heres to denim on denim and fluff on fluff. See how this look has been done before by a few other familiar faces. I think Kylie definitely does it the justice that is owed to its predecessors!

tumblr_nm3gppAvMI1u0737co1_500 tumblr_nm3n2g1huo1r1yxowo1_500 tumblr_nm4dgudJhp1r1yxowo1_500 tumblr_nm460qT1zM1r1yxowo1_1280tumblr_nm3plo6Y7c1r1hu8qo1_500

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