Illamasqua Jump

so last week I made the move from MAC foundation to Illamasqua. As of late I have noted a serious decline in the standard of customer service at MAC cosmetics. It’s impossible to seek an assistant for help amongst the swarm of school girls lingering around the counters and nobody seems to have the time to actually help and recommend products like they used to. I have worn the same lip liner for years and I know you know how painful it is when a brand cease to continue your favourite colour. So I went to Mac to top up on my lip liner collection (ive worn the following colours for a few years now and never had problems purchasing in the past; Stripdown, Spice, Boldy Bare.) I went to the Newcastle MAC counter and asked for these colours to be told that none were in stock and there wasn’t an alternative that could be offered. The closest things I got to my normal nudes were an off red and a dark purple. What? The girl who served me was really nice and rightly embarrassed by their lack of stock whilst explaining that since Kylie Jenner and her lips have risen in fame so have their nude liner sales. I mean come on she doesn’t even wear either one that I have mentioned!!! So I then tried the manchester store to which an assistant who ultimately assisted me with nothing laughed and said ‘sorry we don’t have them cause Kylie Jenner wore them.’ Im sorry hun but do not laugh in my face when I’m asking you a question nevermind basically giving your company money and do you seriously think I don’t know which lip liners Kylie Jenner uses. So alas I turn my back and my eyes fall upon the illamasqua counter. Drawn to their shiny irredscent lip and lid colours I found myself sat in total bliss whilst one of their MUA matched my colour to their foundations – not a school girl in sight! A few friends have always recommended the illamasqua skin base foundation and at first I was unsure as I felt slightly bare after using MAC for so many years but now I absolutely love it. My skin doesn’t feel as clogged and it’s so much lighter whilst a full coverage is still easily available. The foundation has proteins and minerals which your skin drinks up as well. I already see differences in my skin and makeup. Obviously I couldn’t resist buying this smoked out lilac lipstick ‘Posture’ whilst I was there. Worn here with my MAC nightmoth liner. Have you been disappointed with MAC and their service as of late or did I just go at a bad time?

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