Viva La Mamma

As Paris Fashion Week begins, i’m taking a look back at my favourite show from Milan Fashion Week – Dolce & Gabanna AW15 collection. Over the past few years I have really grown to appreciate D&G a lot more and their whole haus and couture are rapdily becoming one of my favourites. I love the detail in every design and the regal Italian ways of expression. On Sunday afternoon D&G  branded their show “Viva La Mamma” and celebrated motherhood throughout it. It’s no secret that Italian men adore their mothers, and Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are no exception. A tableaux sat at the back of the runway with multiple model mammas and their kin. Various models walked down the runway including a very pregnant Bianca Balt who looks ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING!!  I love the simplicity of the dresses with the intricacy of the detailing. And how very Angelina of them to use children’s drawings on the dresses themselves – love this. Take a look at the collection and fall in love! All the pieces are so easy to wear and I love the almost early 60s style inspiration and obviously the high necks!

Another personal highlight was the use of the 1996 hit MAMA being used by no other than everyones all time favourite The Spice Girls. So amazing to see how relevant their music can be even in high fashion! Such a fab statement.

 Pietro D'Aprano/Getty Images
Pietro D’Aprano/Getty Images

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