Broadchurch Finale Disappointments

Was anyone else disappointed with the Broadchurch finale? Don’t get me wrong, the show as a whole is all together brilliant and shows the world just how good British television writing can be. That being said this whole season (2) has been slightly hit and miss for me. Last night we saw Joe Miller announced as Not Guilty despite all evidence pointing towards him. I’m not too well educated on the ins and outs of law cases but I feel like it’s slightly unrealistic that he would be let out with nobody else to blame for the murder. We saw the trial ourselves and I don’t know how the jury managed to come to the not guilty conclusion.
I also think that there was too much story line in the finale which is what the show has been actually lacking throughout this second season.
The Gallaspey case which we finally saw the truth behind definitely could have been spread into two episodes which would have made it a lot more intense and more easily distinguishable from the Latimer case.
With 15 minutes to go we still hadn’t gotten any closer to unearthing Daniels real murderer. That was inevitably sealed with news of a third season however.
I feel like the cinematography and visuals this season have been focused on 10x more with the the use of the beautiful setting and location the show is filmed in. In my opinion this is due to the lack of plot fillers. Remember last year each episode was focused on a different potential culprit and as well as that we saw numerous flings and affairs take place. With these truly lacking in season 2 (I mean seriously how much drama can actually happen in a small town – it cant) I think that is where the visual team have upped there game.
The only real saving grace in the finale was the outstanding acting by the cast as an entire ensemble.
Will we see David Tennant return in season 3? One can only hope. I wanna see a Alec & Ellie love blossom!!!



2 thoughts on “Broadchurch Finale Disappointments

  1. Do you not think Joe is covering up for his son? Because if he didn’t kill Daniel why did he not protest his innocence rather than stay quiet

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