Beyonce and K -Mid rant



It makes me SO angry to see the headlines this pathetic website posts every single day. I can’t believe that things like this are actually classed as top story news. Kate Middleton has grey hair? So what? So does every other lady as they age? I can guarantee if she had a new dye job they would be slating her for dying her hair whilst pregnant. And as for Beyonce ‘she’s human’ well yes. Well done for overcoming the simple realism that your dumb mind cannot reprehend. And are you kidding me I would still do anything to look like Bey in those shots. I’ve seen her in real life a few times and I can hands down say she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life like she is literally unbelievable so it’s not like P-shop even makes that much of a difference.

As of late I feel like it is so important to support people in all kinda ways. As gals we should support eachother instead of bringing people down for bitter reasons. If only the daily mail could start doing this and I guarantee they would all start to live happier lives.

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