The Grand Budapest Hotel


If you are to watch any of these films I suggest it be this one. The Grand Budapest Hotel is a charming, intricate and visually astounding piece of cinema. The film is shown in numerous parts and is set in a famous European hotel in between wars. We are introduced to the hotel and its inhabitants – in particular M. Gustave H, the hotels infamous concierge – through the eyes of Zero, the refugee humbled lobby boy. He tells his story behind working at the hotel to a character we know as “The Author” aka Jude Law. Whilst different years and different subplots are explored, the main mystery we watch unfold is the murder of Madame Céline Villeneuve Desgoffe-und-Taxis (Tilda Swinton) who is a very fabulous 85 year old lady with an even more fabulous fortune.


– The visual cinematography will literally LEAVE YOU BREATHLESS. it’s so pretty.

– The relationship between M. Gustave & Zero is hilarious and very comforting – so easy to watch

– There is a short couple of minutes in the middle of the film in which we are shown a small montage of Zero and a baker girl Agatha’s relationship blossom. I think this pleasant few minutes really helps to slow the film down in an excellent way as we watch their innocent and pure young love develop. Their textbook awkward romance reminds me greatly of the relationship between the two central characters in BAFTA winning television film Submarine.


– The artwork for this film is my favourite for the whole year


– Johnny Depp was almost cast as M. Gustave. I can obviously see JD play a character such as this one because Gustave is incredibly quirky and fascinating like most of Johnny Depps chosen character portrayals. Despite this I think a huge contribution to the enjoyment of the film is how Ralph Fiennes does actually play Gustave as I haven’t seen him play a character as flamboyant as this one before. The added element of surprise surrounding Fiennes character for me was amazing to watch.

– Wes Andersons first film nominated for Best Picture / Best Director despite his 20 years of dedication to Hollywood.

– Saoirse Ronan who plays Agatha claimed that the skill of making the hotels famous pastries was harder to nail than any of her stunts in Hanna.


costumes used in the film



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