Roc Nation Pre Grammy Brunch

well if these next few photos aren’t enough to motivate you to start living well then I don’t know what is!

The hottest brunch of the year is taking place right now at the pre grammy annual celebration hosted by Roc Nation and friends. Kim and Kanye arrived photo ready – (obviously Kanye was seeing to Kims last minute wardrobe adjustments) – Kim wearing an incredibly luxurious Balmain two piece debuting her new short do! I am always the first to slate girls who chop all their hair off, I just think everyones prettier with longer hair, however now I’m starting to think I’m wrong. Kim looks 10000x moe sophisticated and classy with a shorter hair style and I think this was the perfect way to debut it & I really hope it is here to stay.

Do her and Rihannas figures not make you want to cry??? Obsessed with Rihannas spring look. I can’t wait for what tomorrow night is going to bring! With Kanye sat front row who knows what kind of a stir he is going to cause.

Also what do you think of the new Yeezy Boosts Kanye is wearing? I enjoy the colour and laces but I’m not sure whether I’m into the desert style sneakers. I’m still too attached to his last collection!


tumblr_njfcdjpIQe1tcxfbvo1_500 tumblr_njfcdn5tPs1spraz2o1_400 tumblr_njfdegekEv1ro1dyeo1_500k

Kim and Riri blatantly staying, meanwhile Paris Hilton…


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