A Thankyou really.

It’s took me a while to come around to writing this post because I didn’t quite know where to start.

As an actor I find that I am seldom 100% satisfied with the film and TV shows that are produced in this current day and age.  Whether that’s due to years of educational drab which pushed me to critique each and every shot, still and sequence or bitter jealousy that it isn’t me up there, it doesn’t matter. It’s probably a bit of both. But when I was introduced to FX Networks show “Sons of Anarchy” I could not have been less prepared for what I was about to experience. To say whirlwind would be understating a lot, Sons of Anarchy is a thousand whirlwinds amidst a hundred hurricanes. Or that’s how I certainly felt watching it. 

For those who aren’t familiar with the show it’s follows the trials and tribulations of a motorcycle club set in the fictional town of Charming, California. I was sceptical when my brother was urging me to start watching it. I didn’t think that it would be relatable to myself or interests. How wrong I was! A show has never touched my life and heart more. SOA feels 4D to me. It makes you feel as though if you were stood in the middle of the entire cast in a huge circle it would feel like home. And not in a crazy fangirl kinda way. In a warm and comfortable in the knowledge that the writing is so perfect that you feel like a part of the story kinda way. A feeling I find hard to conjure with any other shows. 

There is nobody I wouldn’t recommend the show to. Well perhaps those faint of stomach and faint of heart. 

I could never express how thankful I am to Kurt Sutter for penning this incredible tale. To Katey Sagal for inspiring me as an actress, and as a woman. SOA found me at the perfect time in my life when I needed it the most. I could write forever about the ins and outs of SOA however I am morally obliged to never post spoilers on social media as I know how it can ruin lives so I will leave it as that.

I hope you watch it and learn from it as I have done. I am now horrendously excited for production to begin on Kurt Sutters new project “The Bastard Executioner.” I am praying for a UK casting call in any way shape or form. 

6 out of 7 Seasons of SOA are currently running on netflix so sit tight, relax, and fall in love. 2684i59B5472A67FEB352

One thought on “A Thankyou really.

  1. I too was very skeptical of Sons of Anarchy at first. As a person with many interest in motorcycles, I was worried about how they were going to portray a motorcycle club. Needless to say I watched all 6 seasons in under 3 weeks! Kurt Sutter is a master who created by far one of the best shows on TV!

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