LOVE February

I am so excited for the release of February’s edition of Love Magazine covered by Kim Kardashian. The mag and star have been teasing for months at hints and clues into Kim’s first big Love feature. Kim and editor in chief Katie Grand were introduced over dinner in Paris by mutual muse and Balmain designer Oliver Rousteing. Come November, Kim and Katie were working together on an intense red eye three day shoot in a motel by LAX.
Kim wears Prada – a new move for her as she normally stays faithful to her ‘Balmain army’ or beloved friend and designer Riccardo Tisci (of Givenchy.)
Katie Grand explains the reasoning behind her Prada choice
‘The spring/summer Prada show was one of my favourites in years. It felt eclectic and suited to different characters. Kim’s such a big character and not sample size. The fabrics for the collection were so special, handwoven and they didn’t have a scrap left at the end of the show.’ People have commented on why on earth Prada allowed their 20 looks to be used by Kim exclusively but Miuccia Prada claimed that ‘I like to see my clothes worn in a different way, on someone unexpected,’
I already love the photos that have been previewed and can’t wait to see the whole feature! LOVE13 was shot by
Steven Klein and of course Kanye was at hand to help with clothing choice and adjustments. The issue is out February 9th. Check out the original Prada sketches for the pieces Kim wears in the shoot below



Kim during her first fitting behind the scenes shot



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