Beauty and the Who?

It was announced earlier today that Emma Watson is to play Belle in the upcoming live action remake of Beauty and The Beast. Directed by Bill Condon (Twilight Saga) there were rumours that we could have had Kristen Stewart starring in the leading role. Thankfully, due to her prior collaboration with Condon, the role was revised and Emma Watson was cast. Emma is said to have started singing lessons as soon as she knew the part was hers so I look forward to seeing her stretch her acting career slightly. The main question still there in the back of my mind – WHO will play the beast? the loving, rugged, hard to love man who can be transformed into a beast and still make us text our friends saying “is it just me or is the beast kinda hot.” There are no details of the nature of this project apart from the musical aspect however I have created a carefully conducted select list of five men that I’d like to think would make a suitable pairing for Emma Watson.

1. Charlie Hunnam


Oh Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. After dropping out of 50 shades of grey which would have done huge things for Hunnam’s publicity and bank account I would imagine he would be in no rush to drop another blockbuster in a hurry. Throughout my entire relationship – yes relationship – with sons of anarchy I have always said that Charlie Hunnam as Jax slightly in the weirdest smallest way reminded me of the Beast in the classic Disney film. There was something about the toughness and roughness of his exterior which didn’t seem to suit he’s softer interior, that and they way he moved and thundered through scenes. For this reason and the fact that I just want more Charlie airtime in all honestly. 2. Chris Hemsworth

2. Chris Hemsworth


Chris Hemsworth is used to playing manly powerful other wordly characters and has the perfect beast body. He would make Emma look like the teeny tiny princess that she is. I am jealous of Emma.

3. Liam Hemsworthliam

Because why not throw another Hemsworth in the mix Liam for sure has the better smoulder.

4. Kit Harrington


Kit has sparked rumours of a potential GoT exit after a recent…haircut. Yes haircut. Apparently kit was under contract to never cut his hair during his time filming as Jon Snow. After recently appearing without his longer infamous curls media websites have started speculation on whether or not he will be returning to Game of Thrones after the 5th season which premieres in April this year. This would be the perfect time for Kit to take the next move into Hollywood. And with that face it’s also perfect for us.

5. Tommy Flanagan


Ok so don’t sense a theme or anything (SOA on the brain always) but my top choice for the Beast would be the beautiful and raw Tommy Flanagan. It’s a long shot obviously but I think he would absolutely kill the part and look amaayayyayayyayazing. An Older choice would be a wise choice in my opinion but still, the dynamics of the movie are not yet known!

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