Miley confronts all the hate

It’s been a rough year for Miley Cyrus after a disgusting amount of media backlash and the death of her beloved dog. I agree, some of the performances and statements miley has made this year have been inappropriate for someone with a younger following and yes I hate those God awful edits on her instagram but all in all she’s a 21 year old girl with a lot of money and finally after a robotic few contracts – creative control. If I had her money and life I would probably be equally fucked up all the time. Today she posted some insightful pictures on her instagram of media headlines and her comments on them. Have a look for yourself and make your own mind up. But I am with a lot of people in wanting to STOP media hate. It’s bullying and it’s probably the reason behind a lot of celebrity breakdowns.
People just love to hate.
Miley – be sad, be happy, be woeful, grieve, get high, get sober just do whatever the fuck you like with your own life! Peace!




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