Kongrats Kourtney & Scott!

so is it okay to be sad that kourtney is no longer pregnant? I for one am certainly going to miss her pregnancy fashion. Miss K claims that she looks and feels her best when she’s pregnant and I think that definitely radiates through her day to day looks! In honor of the birth of her third child to long term partner Scott Disick I’m flashing back to some of her greatest preggo looks! There aren’t any details on the birth yet but when there are i’ll be posting straight away.  The only thing certain is that baby numero three was born on the same day as eldest child Masons birthday! I feel like this is cute now but I would HATE to share a birthday with a sibling. I actually cried when I was old enough to realise other people had the same birthday as me. It was so sad and i’m still pretty pissed about it to be honest.

kendall-jenner-kourtney-kardashian-khloe-bday-party-1 kourtney-kardashian-baby-bump-penelope-hamtons-ftr kourtney-kardashian-dujour-naked-pregnant-ftr kourtney-kardashian-mason-disick-baby-bump-ffn-1 kourtney-kardashian-nude-baby-bump-dujour-1 kourtney-kardashian-nude-baby-bump-dujour-2 kourtney-kardashian-nude-baby-bump-dujour-3 kourtney-kardashian-pregnant-ffn-1 kourtney-kardashian-scott-disick-at-the-doctor-oct-16-ffn

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