Monki || Mockingjay


If you follow me over on instagram (@elliegracethorpe) you will have already seen my new obsession. This gorgeous monochrome monki Kimono. If your going to wear a kimono this far along in the trend then you have to make sure its as fabulous as this one. I don’t like to half heartedly do many things and that includes kimono etiquette – the longer the better, the more flowing the better. Nobody wants to be a basic in a loose piece of cloth with maybe a bit of fringing no, you need to SWISH in the wind.

This Monki Kimono is from ASOS at the bargain price of £20! Go and check out their other amazing pieces!

Worn with Only High Shine leggings, Gap black midi dress, WIP metallic nail colour & a stack of mixed gold&silver bangles.

An ideal look for a boozy night at the fantastic Almost Famous Mcr & Mockingjay viewing.

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