cover girl

two magazine winter editions are battling it out for fiercest cover.

The internet woke up this morning to two preview shots of Paper Magazines latest shoot with cover girl Kim Kardashian West who was shot in Paris by the remarkable Jean-Paul Gaude. Paper claimed that their main goal for the edition was to “break the internet” and after millions of tweets/instas/and comments both fabulous and horrible I think it’s safe to say they achieved their goal. PAPER

The photos were of course inspired by Goudes own previous work “Champagne Incident” or “Carolina BeaumontNew York” Named after the model and location of the shoot. Perchance this may soon be referred to as Kim Kardashian, Paris. The same effect? Not so much. However I am a huge fan of this cover and look forward to thursday for the release of more photos! Paper Magazine have warned us to be in for a treat and claim the only thing they can say on the matter is “Holy Fucking Shit…”

Not everyone is as excited as others for the release. Naya Rivera trolls all over Kims instagram photo slamming her with the time old “you are somebodies mother” comment. BITCH perleeeeaze. Its a photo. She isn’t part of an extreme terrorist movement. Can we learn to SUPPORT eachother as females and not to hate on at the first opportunity. Especially over social media. Bitches are so last year. Yawn.

original photo shot by Jean-Paul Goude in New York
original photo shot by Jean-Paul Goude in New York

Elsewhere in Wonderland Taylor Swift is rocking some serious 90s supermodel vibes. I am so in love with this whole creation and think that Taylor looks AMAZING like full on iconic amazing. Ditching make for a healthy golden tan she is kept simple in a (TO DIE) white Hugo Boss jumper (not for sale, weeps) with that slicked back hair giving it everything it gotttt. This could well be one of my fave covers of 2014 as I so often think that she is styled far too wrong. This is 100% right though!


Which is your favourite cover?

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