winter skin routine

So i’ve decided to share my carefully put together winter skin combatter to ensure you all glow as these cold days frequent. My skin is so dry so during winter it becomes even more of a bitch to manage in our bitter english winds. Firstly (and most importantly) Vitamin E. Vitamin E is crucial to the health and appearance of your skin because as a natural antioxidant it protects and repairs your skin from the cruelest of damage. Our bodies don’t produce Vitamin E (cheers.) which is why it is important for us to still absorb it in some form. The Body Shop stocks an excellent range of Vitamin E skincare products and I try and make it my daily mission to use the whole set as often as possible. I apply the cleanser with clean hands and massage it into my face (dry). I then remove the excess with cotton wool using the Vitamin E Toner. I have a fear of becoming so old and ugly I have to blow all of my money on bad plastic surgery therefore I use this eye cream to help reduce the appearance of “fine lines and wrinkles.” I have neither fine lines or wrinkles but hopefully this will ensure they never appear ever. There are three moisturisers from this collection and I go for the moisture cream or the illuminating cream which makes you GLOW LIKE A PRINCESS! The Body Shop always have amazing offers on their skin care ranges so check it out ASAP. Winter is coming. I have recently been let into on a secret that coconut oil is the greatest thing on the earth and yes I can confirm that coconut oil is the greatest thing on the earth. I have used this photo because this is the one that will be most like your first experience with coconut oil as in “er wtf I thought oil was like supposed to be a liquid lol” This is what happened to me and I have used it in many different forms (melting, distilling, boiling) however today when I use it on my skin I extract it from the bottle (which can be pretty tricky if its not in a tub) and rub it onto my face whilst it turns into the silkiest purest surge of moisture you will ever encounter. Your skin will shine and keep hydrated all day long. Use instead of a moisturiser on tough days. Can be found in supermarket oil aisles for less than £4. Your welcome. Finally once a week I enjoy treating my skin to a Thalgo face wash. Thalgo was introduced to me at a wonderful spa in Northumberland and it takes pride in all of its products using over 50 ingredients from the sea. Marine skin care is my favourite thing it leaves your face feeling so fresh and pure. 100% worth it at only£19.90 a bottle. Have a look on there website for more information on their marine ranges. ( IMG_2930.JPG

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