Brangelina Wedding.

As a loyal Jen-An fan I try as hard as I can to disconcern myself with all things Brangelina. Their secret nuptials however is something I can’t seem to ignore. On the 23rd of August in the tiny chapel on the grounds of Château Miraval the two held a small and very secret ceremony to legally sanction their love. Since their engagement two years ago, speculations have risen frequently about the anticipated wedding yet in true A-List style the whole wedding was managed to be kept under wrap. So. The gown. Ahhhh the gown. Angelina wore the most beautiful dress by Luigi Massi of Atelier Versace.
It has been said that Donatella crafted the dress herself for the star who has famously worn Donatellas work on many a red carpets. The low rising dress was simple and an elegant classic which was perfect for the type of wedding bash they were throwing. The dress was beautiful in a simple way yes, however it is the veil that has been the most eye catching move this summer. Ange had her children draw photos that represented their family, memories from the past and present and a few private jokes too. The pictures were then embroidered onto her silk veil. The look was completed with romantic makeup, hair up complimenting her famous bone structure and a pair of silk satin Versace pumps.
It is obvious by this point she wanted her children to have a huge role in their wedding since it was them who had supposedly ‘petitioned for years’ for their parents to wed after their nine year relationship. There involvement didn’t end there as Maddox and Pax walked Angelina down the aisle whilst Zahara and Vivienne threw petals after their parents. Shiloh and Knox were also ring bearers. According to Hello Magazine (where the photos were first published!) the children had helped script the vows. Oh and the fairytale doesn’t stop there. Brad apparently carved a tribute into a stone for Angelinas late mother who died in 2007, in the very spot that they were married. As well as HUMMING here comes the bride whilst A came down the aisle as they didn’t want any recorded music. The whole affair was described as being informal, personal and full of giggles from the Pitt Jolie clan and the 20-30 guests in attendance. The smell of rosemary and jasmine blew into the chapel from the bushes outside.
I hope that they have a long and prosperous marriage and I have to say (despite my love for Jen) the wedding seems like it was absolutely stunning and full of love.


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