For most people, looking at this photo will initiate a subconscious sigh and long for one of the loving glances that Noah and Allie exchange for the best part of two hours. Until recently, it wasn’t universally known that in reality, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were actually staring at a stand in for the other because in actual fact, they couldn’t even stand looking at eachother for that amount of time, never mind pretending to enjoy eachothers company. It really bugs me that the news of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Goslings distaste for eachother is starting to come out in magazines and news blogs recently. As many of my friends will know, there awful relationship is an issue I have spoke about (and cried about) for years. The fact is that although on screen their characters posses the most fiercely heart achingly besotted love, neither of the actors could summon the remote bit of passion for eachother on screen therefore they each had to use body doubles for most scenes. Alas, this is a fact I do not enjoy. Thanks to some amazing editing we are led to believe that this couple would literally die for one another. The fact that Rachel and Ryan couldn’t pull themselves together and take their secret to the grave hurts me greatly. Now, one of my favourite films makes no sense to me – how can i possibly engross myself into this world (like a good film should) when I now know this sad truth. And I know, there are worse things in the world happening right now. BUT RLY RY?Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 20.34.31

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