Parklife hair

I went to Parklife Festival last week in Heaton Park, Manchester. Buying my ticket three days before the event meant that I had no outfit, no hair ideas and no new makeup. With 72 hours to get my shit together and look fabulous I started nervously plaiting my hair. A trait/ bad habit I have when I get bored nervous or stoned. I obsessively plait my hair and for those of you who have seen my natural hair will understand. It’s the most out of control borderline Afro ever. So 30
Minutes later whilst frantically scouring the internet for outfit inspiration I had yet again a full head of braids without even thinking about it. I had an idea and plaited all of my hair extensions and clipped them in and ta-dah! I had a full head of beautiful (slightly rugged, slightly coarse) but long flowing dread like braids! And since then I have seen this style on Nicole scherzinger and Jeremy Scott’s models! (Charlotte Free as pictured) can’t wait to repeat this look in Glastonbury.



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