bad neighbours

Okay so its the comedy I have been eagerly anticipating since This is The End. Bad Neighbours was released last week in the UK and after much hype and a $50m taken in the first weekend of release, it’s safe to say my expectations were high. That and the fact that Evan Goldberg is one of my favourite movie producers. I went to the cinema in an appropriate state of mind knowing what i had in store for the next 97 minutes; Dave Franco, Seth Rogen and a lot of weed. The film made me laugh a lot and I thoroughly enjoyed it in particular the cameos and Seth Rogens choice of Wolf Gang merchandise tees. I felt there was a certain sophistication missing which is usually noted in Goldberg & Rogens previous films but all the same it’s an easy watch with several very hilarious moments. These are slightly cheapened at times with some of Dave Francos poor jokes (forgive me bby i have sinned i still love your face.) Rose Byrne is her usual all star self. I was left wanting to smoke, wishing I was back at uni and put off the idea of breast feeding for life.

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