HOH SS14 Eyewear

Sunglasses are my absolute vice, my kryptonite if you will. Over the years I can roughly estimate that I have spent more money on sunglasses than on shoes. Really. There’s something so appealing about covering up half of my face which makes me feel so much safer. The elusiveness that comes with the perfect shades cannot be achieved through any other accessory. My love for sunglasses gets me extra excited when one of my favourite designers reveals a new eyewear line. Henry Hollands uniquely put together collection consists of everything you would imagine it to consist of. Checks, mirror reflecting lenses, unique frame shapes (take lipstick for example), more slogan glasses and of course the iconic cage fighter. Each pair is bang on trend for the summer and you can bet that all the hottest stars will be adorning jazzy eyes at festivals thanks to HoH. Check out my favourite six and excuse me whilst I sell my wardrobe to pay for them. Be sure to check out the full collection at http://www.houseofholland.co.uk and there fabulous marketing photo on Instagram! After all there’s no game as strong as a sunglasses game.




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