Feathers in Vegas.


Kourtney Kardashian hosted a meet and greet in Vegas to promote their own branded Kardashian Khaos store at the weekend. I haven’t seen her in such an amazing outfit for so long! The whole look makes her glow and coming up to her 35th birthday next week you would never guess that to be her age. The feathered jumpsuit and half pony tail give a 70s vibe that is hard to pull off but giving Kourtneys thing for vintage quirky pieces she certainly looks at home in this outfit. Complimented with suttle bronzed makeup allowing her eyes to be the centre focus of her pretty little face! Congrats on being so fab Kourtney and here’s to another 35 years of your inspirational outfit choices.

like this look? Check out motel rocks huge range of similar playsuits the must have buy for summer. I’ll be stocking up on these to attempt to recreate Kourtneys look! Here’s my fave piece from motels playsuits range. Click here to shop! Motel Rocks


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