Shakespeare & Company

Shakespeare & Company

if you ever find yourself a little lost or lonely whilst visiting Paris then please promise me you visit Shakespeare and Company. A little walk down from the Notre Dame (Left bank, Latin Quarter) and you will stumble across this tiny little cobbled bookstore. Yet its size on the outside does not represent the entirely of this spiralling three story building which aches with tales from all over. Opened in 1951 by George Whitman it has since evolved to cater to all tastes of literature and is the most magical place I have ever stepped foot inside. It’s little quirks only add to the mystery of the store, for example, the type writer which looks out onto the earthy balcony, or the small baby grand piano which can be played by whomever. My favourite thing though is the quote which you can see in the above photo. Paris is where Hemingway penned most of his classics and this canvas really brings it all to reality. I find myself sometimes thinking of 1920 Paris as a kind of fairytale yet walking into a rustic corner of a vintage section in the store brings it back to me that the likes of Hemingway & the Fitzgerald’s did exist and their lives were the twisted and complicated stories that we are reminded of today. This store can take you back centuries whilst inspiring you for centuries to come.

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