Disney Day 1

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Disneyland Paris is the most magical place on earth. Within minutes on the ground I found myself 6 years old and running around chasing Captain Jack Sparrow. No, I didn’t run but I did stare him down whilst having a 30 second love affair with his eyes. It’s a place where dreams come true, the 6 year olds see their favourite princess and I can eye-fuck Jack Sparrow if I want to thank you very much. Please excuse the drunk middle selfie took after a night out falling asleep with our ears on. Cute. Credit to these fabulous photos goes to http://www.jesscurphey.co.ul putting a jazzy spin on things with a fish eye lens.

This day was absolutely boiling so out came the levi shorts with my marble topshop top as we melted in Parisian heat. My favourite part of this outfit is my ASOS sunglasses inspired by Willy Wonka keeping with the fairytale theme.

Oh, and did I mention one of my best friends was a Disney Princess? She has the best job in the world. Look how gorgeous she looks! Love you Joannah!



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