Charity Fundraiser Style!

Charity Fundraiser Style!

To cut a long story short, my best friend found out that she had four kidneys this summer. After many months of total horror and gruelling operations to remove the duplicated (and infected) kidney, a party was thrown to raise money for Kidney Research. It was to be a rather glam event but with a party atmosphere which is why I searched for the best of both worlds and fell in love with this premium tailored jacquard mono playsuit from Topshop. I absolutely adored wearing this outfit paired with my trusty tan Jeffrey Campbell Lita’s I felt so comfortable and confident this night. I had my usual curly blow from my regular Hair Stylist and achieved the desired look with Totally Baked Meringue Tigi Hair Product – which by the way SMELLS AMAZING.

Note: Playsuits should always be worn with a disclaimer – no toilet trips without friends so that you don’t have to ask another girl in the toilets to undo you.


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