If you have never been to Glastonbury Festival I suggest you stop reading this post, head to their website, register and go to Glastonbury Festival. As a big festival goer I thought I had seen it all until I attended Glastobury last year for the first time. And myyyy was my mind blown. Everything was planned and set out to perfection and I could not pick one fault with the organisation of the Festival. Jess and I even managed to bag ourselves “Special People” wristbands which gave us access into “Heaven” and tent with white carpets and a welly free zone with a luxurious cocktail bar and fountains. It was AHMAAAZING. So anyway I spend most of my year working up to chosen festival fashion. I like to stick to a certain pattern or theme to carry out which makes my planning a lot easier. In previous years I have seen camouflage, tartan, lace however for Glastonbury I knew I had to be slightly more creative. I wanted a whole look renewal which is why I hit Urban Outfitters Vintage section. I found these adorable vintage dungarees which had Mickey & Minnie stitched on (complete with Mickey buttons) which I was able to wear several times (Its all about outfit repeating at Glasto, day 3 and nobody can remember day 1 anyway.) I wore these once with my Brian Lichtenberg Bucci jumper and another time with a maroon vintage crop (again from UO)
The only hair for a festival is a curly blow to tame my manic half afro and this managed to stay perfect for a whole three hours but who cares, when in Rome eh!
Also gems gems and more gems was a general rule for makeup. I wanna sparkle all day and all night. Heres a few photos to give a general overview of my Glastonbury outfit selection. What will next year bring?

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